12 August 2016, 17:34

The new pellet plant – capacity reaching 60 th. ton per year – is to process sawmilling wastes, incl. not only sawdust, but chips as well. In general the Irkutsk region is one of the Russian regions with pulpchips processing being a bottle neck for many sawmillers. Thus, pellet plant construction seems to be a very reasonable solution for wastes utilization.

The idea of pellet plant construction is not brand new for Boguchansky LPK, however, today it is not so easy to get the financial support in the country, compared to the situation some 2-3 years ago. As a result it took about half a year from taking the decision on pellet mill construction to signing the agreement.

The pellet plant complex equipment will include 2 pellet presses by the Dutch producer CPM Europe and 2 drum dryers, as well as the rest units by Hekotek. The pellets will be packed both in big-bag containers and smaller bags with the latter being used for exporting pellets of premium class.

The complex of equipment is to be ready for shipment to Siberia by the end of March 2017, with assembling works to start in the beginning of summer and commissioning to be expected already in October 2017.


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