30 August 2010, 15:55

Novoeniseysky LKhK (Krasnoyarsk Kray, Russia) produced the first trial lot of pellets, said the mechanical engineering company Hekotek last week. The plant capacity is 30 thousand pellets per year.

This is an important step towards efficient timber utilization at the sawmill. Undoubtedly, the proper by-products processing and production diversification will strengthen the enterprise market position.

Designed annual capacity of the newly launched pellet mill makes up some 30 thousand pellets, which – if requested by the customer – can be doubled in the future.

Technicians from Hekotek and CPM (the Netherlands) successfully conducted training course for the mill operators.

Introduction of advanced sawmill technologies should be the next stage of the enterprise modernization. Debarking system, for example, would significantly improve not only the quality of sawn timber, but the quality of pellets produced.