20 January 2016, 00:35


Two wood pellet plants, built and operated by LLC Siberian fuel pellets in Irkutsk region with total capacity of 170 000 tones per year start production at the beginning of 2016.

One plant is located in Ust-Kut town of Irkutsk region, the second one is situated in Novaya Igirma settlement. Mechanical engineering company Hekotek was responsible for plant construction.
The wood pellets are produced from sawdust generated at ZAO “LDK Igirma” and SSB LLC “TSFC” “LDK UST-Kut”. The feedstock delivered from FSC certified suppliers is used for SBP fuel pellets production.
Most of produced pellets will be exporting to the European Union. Pellets will be transporting from Siberia to St.Petersburg harbors by railway, and then it will be shipping by vessels to Europe.
The company is publishing the Supply Base Report in the process of receiving SPB certificates. INFOBIO publishes it here.