20 April 2011, 16:48

The new briquette line was run by company “Arelan” in Volkhov town in Leningrad region. The new biofuel brand “Topket” is launched.

The company had faced a lot of problems with wood waste which they had in their woodworking production. They produce more than 200 different wood products. They burnt some wood waste in biofuel boilers for the own heating purposes, but not all wood waste was utilized after that.
As a result the company management started to investigate the different possibilities. They had bought Nestro briquette line, but this press didn’t work. They changed it for Weima with the capacity of 400 kg/hour but the real production was only 200 kg/hour. Moreover, the company management didn’t like the round form of the briquette. It occupied 30% more space than square briquette in the warehouse.
Forwood Technology Ltd offered a new solution for the company. They had equipped it with UMP briquette press ВР420А from Lithuania. Its capacity is 400-450 kg/hour. Commissioning and staff training took one day only. Press started to produce briquettes in January and the quality certificate was given to the company at the same time. Biofuel sales started from supermarkets in Leningrad region and St.Petersburg. It is done by company itself.


Светлана Александрова