"INFOBIO” digest

Everything about biofuel and bioenergy in Russian and the World

The first issue is issued in August 2011


Mission: the development of biofuel and bioenergy in Russia with the example of Western countries, promotion of European and Russian biofuel technologies, equipment and products.
Digest reach: specialists in bioenergy, biofuels, biofuel producers, resellers, biofuel equipment purchasers, all interested people
Format: 170 mm*230 mm. full color chalk overlay paper .Each issue is devoted to special country where biofuel is used and produced. Circulation – 5000 copies
Main topics:
Biofuel production technology (pellets, briquettes) as well as biogas, liquid biofuels
Economical aspects of biofuel usage and production
News, Standards, Legislations
List of producers of equipment and product manufactures
Interesting places to visit in a country



The fist issue of the INFOBIO digest will be devoted to the production and usage of biofuels in Austria. The list of biofuel producers as well a list of biofuel equipment producers will be printed the digest.
The interwiev with Dr. Rakos from the proPellets Austria will be published in the digest as well a lot of other interesting information.
The first issue of the INFOBIO will be of special interest to those who are going to Austria with business purposes, as well as for leisure.
Distribution: the main goal is to sell this digest in shops all over Russia as well as to distribute it in different conferences,  subscribers.
The next issues of the Infobio will be devoted to Sweden and other European countries where biofuel is used.

INFOBIO is supported by the world famous magazine the Bioenergy International.


Circulation – 5000 copies. Paper: full color chalk overlay paper. First issue: August 2011.


e-mail: info@infobio.ru,

tel./fax. +7 (812) 356 5588


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