Дата проведения: 
26.09.2016 - 28.09.2016
Китай, Guangzhou

26-28 сентября в Китае пройдет крупная выставка технологий для производства твердого биотоплива и биоэнергии. ИАА "ИНФОБИО" и журнал "Международная Биоэнергетика" выступают информационными спонсорами данного мероприятия. Ниже более подробная информация на английском языке.

Introduction of APBE
Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Technology & Equipment Exhibition (APBE), formerly the China Guangzhou Int’l Biomass
Energy Exhibition (CNIBEE), is generally known as one of the three world class events of biomass energy along
with EUBCE and Expo Biomasa.Since its establishment, APBE has attracted Kingwood, Huantai Biological Energy
and Hengmei Better as its gold sponsor, silver sponsor and special sponsor respectively and over 500 renowned
brands globally, providing services to nearly 100 thousands of professional visitors at home and abroad. With its
rapid development and globalization strategy, the strong impact of APBE in biomass energy industry will be more
and more obvious.

•Exhibition Area: 16,000 sqm
•Expected No.of Exhibitors: 200
•Expected booths: 780
•Expected No.of visitors: > 21,000
Data Analysis:
2012-Hall 3.1, area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex: 68 exhibitors, 9,316 domestic visitors, 1,229 overseas visitors;
2013-Hall 2.1, area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex: 119 exhibitors, 13,862 domestic visitors, 1,483 overseas visitors;
2014Hall 11.1, area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex: 141 exhibitors, 15,203 domestic visitors, 1,964 overseas visitors;
2015-Hall 2.1, area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex: 146 exhibitors, 16,116 domestic visitors, 1,580 overseas visitors;
2016(expected)-Hall 13.1/12.1, area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex: 200 exhibitors, 18,000 domestic visitors, 3,000 overseas visitors.

APBE2016 Advantages & Highlights
◆ Stable overseas trade, promoting exports
During 2012 to 2015, we’ve received overseas buyers for around 8,000 person-times, coming from over 80
countries and regions.What is more, we will spend 10 months in inviting professional visitors by phone call, fax,
email and other channels. Tickets will also be sent regularly to worldwide professionals.
◆ Sparkling concurrent events
Various exhibitions in related fields will take place in parallel with APBE2016, such as PV Guangzhou, Electric
Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition, China Aluminium Composite Panel & Technology Exhibition and
so forth. Therefore, a large number of potential customers will be attracted in these fields.
◆ Numerous visitors in related fields
We also devoted ourselves to inviting target visitors from the following industries: aluminum, feeding, food &
beverage, pharmacy,heat supply,dyeing and drying, ceramics, financial investment, environmental departments,
etc. Meanwhile, we also closely join hands with industrial associations to maximize publicity.
◆ Rich experiences & professional services
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, the organizer of APBE, has 13 years of experience in
organizing exhibitions and its staff are of rich experiences. Contact information of 200,000 buyers is featured
in our database.
◆ Industry authorities support
APBE have won substantial support from over 100 industry authorities included World Bioenergy Association,
Malaysia Biomass Industrises Confederation, Indian Biogas Association, State Forestry Bureau, etc.

■■■■■■■ Effective publicity program ■■■■■■■

1. Send out massive invitations, faxes, emails, etc;
2. Invite 10,000 large buyers and 10,000 pre-registered visitors and VIP buyers;
3. Join hands with over 200 professional media at home and abroad.


Подробнее здесь: www.apbechina.com/index.php

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