20 November 2010, 18:50

On 19th of November the first meeting of the new Bioenergy Technology Platform was organized in Moscow.

The Russian Scientific Center “Kurchatov Insitute” – the leading scientific institute in Russia was the initiator of the creation of such Platform in Russia.
More than 100 organizations took part in the first meeting in Moscow. The Russian Energy Ministry, The Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Parliament, InterRAO, RusGido as well as the National Bioenergy Union and the Bioenergy International.Russia and other companies are participants of the Bioenergy Technology Platform in Russia.
The coordinator and 3 chairmen were elected as a result of the meeting. Mr. Boris Reutov from the Kurchatov Institute became a coordinator of the Project. Michael Sutyginsky from Russian Parliament, Lev Trusov from Aspect association and Olga Rakitova from the National Bioenergy Union and the Bioenergy International Russia were elected as chairmen.
The Technology Platforms are private-public-state partnerships aimed at developing sectoral R&D programs in a more rapid and effective way. This is done to provide benefits to the citizens, to create competitiveness for companies and to ensure that investments deliver higher value. The Russian platforms are done on the base of the European Technology platforms.