Москва, Крокус-Экспо

The conference “Energy from biomass: biomass boilers and power stations, production of pellets, briquettes and biogas in Russia and worldwide” will take place on 8th of June in Moscow in Krocus-expo in the framework of international fair WasteTek. The conference is a unique opportunity for those who want to be part of the main discussion on the future of biomass production and bioenergy in Russia and Russian influence on the pellet and briquette market worldwide.

Conference key topics: Biomass Technologies, Policies, Markets, Investments & Financing
  • Questions of wood waste utilization with revenue: options, opportunities
  • Bioenergy production out of wood waste: companies experience, resource quality, technologies which are suitable for Russia (use of bark wood waste, wet and old waste and sawdust)
  • Technologies of biomass burning, energy equipment, European and Russian experience of biomass boiler’s exploitation
  • Economical aspects of wood pellets, briquettes and chips production: technologies, logistics, market and distribution
  • World solid biofuel market and feasibility studies, European biomass support programs for pellets, chips and briquettes
  • Russian-European cooperation opportunities in solid biofuel sales and production
  • Russian State programs of biofuel production and utilization support
  • New technologies of biofuel production: torrefaction of pellets and wood, biocoal
  • Innovation development of biofuel industry – optimization of costs and revenues
  • Logistics challenges: solutions of key problems of transportation form far regions
  • Negotiations among pellets/briquettes producers and biomass buyers (consumers)
  • Investment programs from big Russian banks
Participants and panelists:
Experts from Russia and Europe, big energy companies biomass traders, big pellet and solid biofuel producers from Russia, interested in biofuel production companies, big forestry and woodworking companies which plan to install biomass boilers of power stations, municipalities, ministers and others
A discussion will be conducted resulted the reports and the conference: informative answers on the conference questions.  
Speech will held spokesmen of the leading foreign and domestic companies, sector's experts, and authorities.  
The conference program might be changed or edited, reports suggestions are accepted.  
Pay participation. 
Conference will be in Russian. A sequential translation of foreign company’s presentation is available and organized by foreign company by itself. The time limit for full presentation with sequential translation could be increased but not more than for 20 minutes in total (thus the company will have 10 minutes for each language). The foreign participant can take part in a conference with own interpreter which would whisper in his/her ear.
The question of simultaneous translation will be solved by organizes if there will be more than 20 non-Russian speaking participants .
Applications should be sent to tel.  +7 (812) 356 55 88.
Organizers: IAA INFOBIO and Reedexpo. Supported by National Bioenergy Union and The Bioenergy International.Russia magazine
Information partners: The Bioenergy International. Russia magazine, LesPromInform, Lesnay Industria, ID Panorama, SPBMTSB 


Participation fee:

Participation fee is 16500 RUB

Presentation is 45 000 RUB

Banner is 25 000 RUB

Paper presentation (distribution of it to each participant) is 25 000 RUB

Additional marketing opportunities is available - please ask by


More information is here:


Tel: +7 812 356 55 88


Application form (Please copy and send by e-mail:

Company name_________________________________________
City, country:_____________________________________________
Full name:_________________________________________
Telephone with country and city codes:__________________________
Presentation___________YES________________NO__________ (conference will be in Russian, a translation is possible and it is organized by participants by itself)
Topic of the presentation__________________________________
Participation without presentation___________________________
Nubmber of participants from one company__________
Оплата до ________(указать срок оплаты для получения скидки)
Additional marketing opportunities: banner or distribution of paper presentations (booklets)_______________(it costs 25000 RUB for each)

Paper presentation____________yes__________no


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