Кrasnoyarsk, Russia
Efficient Wood-Sawing  
Recommendations of Equipment Manufacturers
September 12, 2012. Beginning: 12:00
Middle Conference-Hall on the 2nd floor of Siberia International Exhibition Business Centre,
within the frameworks of the exhibition "Tekhnodrev Sibir" (September 11-14, Кrasnoyarsk)
We are inviting you to take part in the seminar for the wood-sawing enterprises. Within the frameworks of the seminar the representatives of the lead equipment manufacturers will tell you how to achieve maximum productivity and ensure optimal quality of products in a modern wood-sawing plant.
Main Subjects of the Seminar:
·         How to organize timber barking and bark disposal correctly.
·         Common mistakes of operators resulting in conveyor stoppage or breaking wood-sawing equipment and tools.
·         Sorting sawn timber at the plant is recognized necessity.
·         Sawing of frozen wood.
·         Larch processing:Markets, technologies, and equipment.
·         Common mistakes in drying sawn timber at wood-sawing plants.
·         Processing of sawn wood wastes to provide power supply for the plants.
·         Production of wood pellets from sawn wood wastes.
Upon the delivery of reports and their debating a discussion will take place; the specialists will answer all the conference participants' questions related to the topics touched upon. At the end of the seminar there will be a buffet reception where the participants will be able to communicate informally.
The seminar program can be changed and amended, your suggestions will be considered.
The participation in the seminar is free of charge.The preliminary registration is mandatory.
The language of the seminar is Russian.
·         Top-managers of wood-sawing plants, the directors of timber procuring, production, quality, sales and marketing, process engineers.
·         Trade companies and DIY chains.
·         Investors, banks and lease companies.
·         Manufacturers of woodworking equipment and wood harvesting machinery.
·         Design, engineering and consulting companies.
Please find detailed information about the conference at or on the phone:

Oleg Prudnikov (the program of the seminar)
 +7 921 750-0800,

Olga Ryabinina (organisation and registration of participants)
 +7 921 300-2089,


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